Despite our best intentions, many kitties don’t do well in a shelter setting. Being in a cage surrounded by new smells, other unfamiliar animals and strange people can cause even the most outgoing cat to cower in the back of the cage.

Foster homes give shy or fearful cats a chance to come out of their shells and learn to trust people. Foster kitties experience everyday sights, sounds, smells and activities of a typical home, such as: the phone ringing, the vacuum, a dish breaking, and the TV, making it easier for the kitty to seamlessly move into a new home.

Fosters get a chance to see the kitty’s whole personality (including likes, fears and favorite toys) and this key information helps the rescue and a prospective family find the right kitty for their household.

Some kitties may need TLC a shelter tries to give them but it is harder in a shelter setting than in a home. Some examples of this extra TLC include: bottle babies, pregnant kitties, new mommas and their babies, weaned kittens, kitties recovering from an injury or surgery, kitties needing medicine or eye cream, ferals, and kitties who need extra love and patience.

Fostering gives people the chance to have the experience of a pet without the long term commitment. It also allows fosters to make a huge difference in the future of the kitties in care as you help them get ready for their purr-fect forever homes. 

Paws N Claws Freedom Rescue Society currently has several fantastic foster families working with us but we are in desperate need of more!! We always have kitties needing foster family situations to help them on their journey.

We supply: food, litter, toys and any medicine the kitties need. If you can supply some of these things though it helps us save money for other kitty needs:)

You supply: love, attention, a private room or large crate to start and dependent on your pet situation and the kitty you are fostering

Please download the foster application form and submit it by email to and we will review it to pair you with the best foster match. Check below for our current friends needing foster love.

Current Furry Friends

Needing Foster Homes

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